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Our Sister Factory In Clifton, NJ can produce all the Products you need  for  Packaging


Contract Packaging

We can offer aggressive pricing on "turn key" packaging programs that involve machine sealed blisters, radio-frequency sealed clamshells, automatic carton packing, shrink wrapping, cellophane over-wrap, and light assembly work. We have highly qualified sources for printed material and corrugated boxes for complete retail pack-outs.

CAD/CAM Design

Dies are designed and programmed on our own cad cam system. Everything is done on premises on our custom software. Every mold and every sealing tool is custom made for your product with exact fits and precise part consistency. Your parts are programmed by our engineer and electronically sent to the CNC machine for cutting.

Superior Service

This is how we built our business. When your customer says, "have it there next week, or don't send it", you will know what it means to have a supplier like us. We have been able to accommodate the most unreasonable requests without a hiccup, even over night deliveries.


Our designs are engineered to perform the useful functions of getting the product to market without pilferage and in good condition. We enjoy the other part, that something extra that is going to catch the consumer eye. We learned engineering in school, now we apply that to the real

Prototypes / Models

All of our prototypes are programmed and cut on our CNC machine and tested for accuracy before we submit them. By programming them initially, we can usually use the prototype as part of the mold to reduce your mold costs, while enabling us to show you a prototype of almost production quality.

We pride ourselves in our design capability, and turn around is usually within one week.

Low Costs

Compare our pricing on your existing product line and call us for new projects.

No job is too big or too small